Tulsa City Championship Series 2014

General outline of procedures:
1. Sign-ups will be at 9:00AM each play date, with first tee as close to 10:00AM as possible.
2. The first division you sign-up in will be your only division for the series (no jumping divisions just to get bigger payouts).
3. Points system will remain as it has been.  Best round scores 1000 points.  Each throw more than the round winner is minus five points (-5 points) e.g. leader shoots 49 and gets 1000, next best player score is 52 and that player gets 1000-15=985.
4. Daily payouts not round payouts.
5. Players may play one or both rounds but there is no discount for playing only one of the two rounds and no payout for a single round.
6. Players may bank daily payouts earned until the last day of the series.
7. Bank will keep track of player’s payouts for no more than 3 months after the event is finished so get your payout or lose it.
8. To compete for City Champion you must complete at least 5 of the 8 total rounds.  Same for all divisional champion honors.
9. All players may compete in as many as all eight (8) rounds but need only count the five (5) best rounds.  This allows players to drop as many as three (3) bad rounds.
10. Runner-up in the City Champion's division will be awarded the divisional prize.
11. A prize pool will be established during the course of the events.  Value dependent upon player participation.

12. The City Champion and divisional champions will share from that pool in addition to daily winnings they have earned.

13. City Champion will earn 2 shares and each divisional winner will earn 1 share of the prize pool.  The more that play the bigger the pay.

14. Daily Fees will be as follows:
    14a. All Amateur divisions will pay $25.00 per day.
    14b. All Pro divisions will pay $35.00 per day.
    14c. All Amateur divisions will be playing for merchandise.
    14d. All Pro divisions will be playing for cash.
15. An optional cash ace pot will be available for $5.00 a player and is separate from the series accounting as it will be paid out if hit or by throw off on last day end of the round.

16. There will not be an official CTP established at this time but may be added in later.

17. Play dates and courses:
    17a. Saturday February 1, 2014   9:00AM Sign-up Mohawk Park   Courses to be Red Hawk and White Hawk (master's preview if ready).  Order to be determined by weather.
    17b. Sunday February 9, 2014   9:00AM Sign-up Course Dovillio   Round 1: McClure   Round 2: One hour after last card from Round 1.
    17c. Sunday February 23, 2014   9:00AM Sign-up Chandler Park   One round Moose, and one round Black.  Order to be determined that day.

18. Final day rounds!
    18a. RESCHEDULED - Saturday March 8, 2014   9:00AM Sign-up Hunter Park   Round 1: Haikey Creek Park   Round 2: One hour after last card from Round 1.
Disclaimer: In the event of weather or some other unforeseen event the above schedule will be subject to change both in courses and possibly dates, depending on severity of the unforeseen event.